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Discover the finest circuit of boutique hotels in Kerala, the tropical south west coast of India.
Combining the elements of heritage hotel, art hotel & luxury hotel, we offer gourmet cuisine, ayurvedic spa, yoga & cruises on our own houseboat.
We craft genuine hospitality. Enter a world of personalized care & experiences.
Malabar Ayurveda retreats offers bespoke Ayurveda wellness treatments & spa packages, offering holistic healing in the luxurious setting of Kerala’s finest resorts.

Our Vision

The text of the Incredible India campaign reads as follows:

“Joerg Drechsel fell in love with India as he hitchhiked across the
country in 1972. He returned in 1994, with his Spanish wife Txuku.
They bought an early 20th century bungalow at Fort Cochin and
transformed it into Malabar House, an eclectic hotel.
If you are looking for a beautiful journey unlike any other, visit India.
Like Joerg & Txuku, you will find that your search ends here.”

The search had ended, but the journey just began, a journey far from over.
We learned how to realize a dream. The dream was to offer more than
simply the comforts of an exotic hotel in India.

In 1997 The Malabar House opened its doors and word of mouth quickly
spread the message. With success came constant improvement & growth.
The creation and opening of trinity, followed by discovery, our houseboat
and finally purity & purespa.
Together they form Malabar escapes,
offering a substantial circuit with a minimum of road travel.

We and our team want to enrich your life by offering personalized
experiences for all senses, comforts beyond teflon hospitality,
a bit of learning for the curious and celebrations of the joy of life.
You come to us with expectations & perceptions, we hope you leave
with memories & connections.


About Malabar escapes